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Salmon Bowl Breakdown: Beefsteak vs. Sweetgreen


Why this is news: Beefsteak by José Andrés enjoyed its first full week of operations this week, marking the chef/restaurateur’s foray into fast casual.

Location: Foggy Bottom, with a Dupont Circle location planned (the Washington Post reports).

What it is: An assembly line, quick-serve concept that involves building layered bowls with flash-steamed veggies, healthy grains, and toppings including premium proteins they call "meatier options." Pre-set or build-your-own.

About that salmon: For $3.99, salt-cured salmon served gravlax style can be added to any bowl. Beefsteak is sourcing the salmon from a local company, Profish.

Cost: $17.03 for a custom bowl with salmon and a cup of one of Beefsteak’s creative juices (passion fruit hibiscus).

Tasting notes: A bright and bountiful bowl that leaves you full and feeling like you’ve had your fill of veggies for the week. Carefully combine flavors and sauces so as to not end up with a meal of competing flavors.


Why this is news: Homegrown salad chain Sweetgreen launched a new menu this week, most notably adding salmon as a protein option.

Location: Throughout the DC Metro Area (and beyond!)

What it is: A sustainability focused salad bar incorporating healthy grains and local ingredients. Pre-set, build-your-own or seasonal specials.

About that salmon: A small filet of sustainably sourced salmon (from Verlasso in Patagonia) served warm either as a part of the seasonal Roasted Salmon + Radish Salad or a la carte for $6.

Cost: $17.71 for the Roasted Salmon + Radish Salad, plus avocado add-on, and a cup of chamomile mint iced tea.

Tasting notes: The salmon is warm, flaky and fresh, making it the star of an otherwise uninspired bowl of arugula, kale, beets, carrots and radishes with a mustard-oregano vinaigrette. Consider swapping out the dressing or adding salmon onto a more creative salad, like the Rad Thai.