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Where to Find Frank Ruta

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Good news for those already missing Frank Ruta’s cooking. The chef found a fun gig one Metro stop away from Cleveland Park’s Palena, which closed in April. Every Thursday the chef teams up with Mark Furstenberg and his team at Bread Furst in Van Ness for a four-course meal served family style. “Every dish is a collaboration,” Mark tells us. We snapped them working together in the kitchen during the “Bread Feast” launch dinner on Oct. 23.


Getting in is simple. Check the Bread Furst website for the week’s menu. If it strikes your fancy, purchase tickets for $85 per person. The price includes food, tax and gratuity; beer, wine and cocktails are available for purchase. A favorite course from the dinner was the Autumn Jewel Box: Palladin bread bowls filled with marinated grilled peppers and mushrooms, topped with a poached Amish farm egg and tomato sauce (pictured). The first dinner drew the Washington Post food team, other press, and diners in the know