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The Next Generation of Social Media

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The Next Generation of Social Media

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Brian Arnoff and Victoria Harris, the folks behind CapMac, DC's popular mac-and-cheese food truck, have taken social media way beyond Facebook and Twitter. In addition to FourSquare, Google+, and Yelp--where they frequently interact directly with customers--they have filmed a series of 20 mac recipes for and recently hosted an interactive cooking demo via Google Hangouts, which was visible to the public via live stream on YouTube. They are in the process of launching a new website, complete with their own YouTube channel that will feature those types of videos.


In fact, Google has been helping CapMac quite a bit with its online footprint. Google DC community manager Corrie Davidson (right, with Victoria and Brian)explains that a big part of her role is working with local businesses to help them get set up and comfortable with Google's tools. This includes helping new businesses get on Google Maps, setting up a Google+ brand page, managing a YouTube channel, and more. In fact, next week they're offering afree workshopfor small business owners on building a website, using the web to grow a business, and promoting a business online.

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