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Happy Birthday Duke's Grocery

Washington DC Dining DC

DC’s taste of East LondonDuke’s Grocery, celebrated one year this week. In just 12 months, the Dupont restaurant has established itself as a popular neighborhood gathering spot serving everything from gigantic sarnies (sandwiches) to flavorful curry—just like you’d find in the eclectic culinary neighborhood across the Atlantic. We snapped Duke’s Grocery Partners Daniel Kramer and Alex McCoy at their one-year celebratory shindig. 


Daniel tells us their Proper Burger has been the biggest seller. "We are very proud of it, but it presents a unique challenge in the sense that some guests are so set on ordering it, they don't really consider the rest of the menu. It's a good problem to have," he says. Two patties of Creekstone Farm Angus are topped with gouda, charred red onion, rocket, and sweet chili sauce. Customize it with chicken liver pate, a smashed avocado or a fried egg.