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Engaging Tenants with Technology: Add Apps To Adapt

Millennials in the workforce have “on demand” expectations. These are produced, and can be solved by, their extraordinary engagement with technology.  Meeting this growing contingent’s needs should be viewed by property managers as an opportunity to improve their bottom lines, collect data, and increase tenant satisfaction and retention.  

Mobile technology can be leveraged to engage, educate and empower tenants. BOMA is hosting a session in its international conference to share research and insights on the way tenants consume information, and how property managers can take advantage of technology to further property goals and initiatives. 


Technology is a quick and cost-effective medium that can help property managers achieve a number of goals while delivering tangible financial benefit. In addition to streamlining communication, appealing and easily comprehensible interfaces make it easier to track and find information. 

All correspondence is paperless and conveniently located on a device that's almost always accessible. Property managers have used apps to successfully facilitate reductions in energy consumption, help meet sustainable goals and encourage preparedness.


The majority of today’s office tenants are already sophisticated technology users, relying on apps to meet their varied needs in their everyday lives. Apps that promote productivity, provide transportation, and supply material for reading and entertainment have already gained traction. Users stay connected 24/7, so they appear immediately accessible, yet are difficult to reach, as managers vie with social media and games for their attention. 


Technology is, paradoxically, the conduit to a massive audience that represents the preferences of the individual. Apps are becoming increasingly sophisticated to unite these opposites. One company epitomizing this trend is WeLive, which offers its members an app to submit service requests, receive info about nearby events and order household items.

Proactive engagement delivers benefits that can have a marked effect on tenant attraction, satisfaction and retention. It also counters absenteeism while increasing job satisfaction

Through this presentation Electronic Tenant Solutions will share illuminating data, gathered from thousands of interactions and compiled from over half a billion square feet of commercial properties.  The ETS team has interpreted and distilled this information so it can tell you how and where tenants consume information. The team will present adoption rates as well as platform, device and application usage statistics, and discuss best practices.


Our learning objectives for the session:

 1. Understand how current and prospective tenants are using technology (platforms, devices, etc.) to get information.

 2. Discover how to best engage constituents (tenants, vendors, etc.) to advance property goals and initiatives.

 3. Learn best practices in communication—text, email, app, frequency, image use, etc.

 4. Understand how to use data to advance property goals and objectives.

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