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Great Time to Be a Cybersec Startup

Washington DC Tech

9 billion devices are connected to the Internet. (Raise your hand if you're reading Bisnow on your WiFi-enabled refrigerator.) 1 billion being added per quarter, and predictions say 40 billion will be connected by the end of the decade. It's no wonder a company that tracks security threats is seeing a record year


Arlington-based Endgame tripled sales in the first three quarters of 2014 compared to last year and added 39 employees. CEO Nate Fick says he’s hiring a person a week and sees no signs of slowing down. Most of the company’s revenue comes from federal, but it’s seeing a growing interest from financial services and tech companies with a cloud-based architecture. The company’s technology aggregates data from devices connecting to a corporate infrastructure and presents a picture of security threats. Federal customers, for example, get a picture of global technology distribution.


Nate says the growth has been sans any sales or marketing people. But Endgame, launched in 2008, just hired Jon Brody to “professionalize” the sales operation from Arlington and Jim Tosh (pictured) to run engineering from its San Fran office. Nate says the federal government is a cutting-edge early adopter of this next generation of cybersecurity and has been a valuable development partner, so the venture-backed company ($56M raised) plans to continue its bi-coastal operations. (On the West Coast, you say Hang 10. In DC, it's Hang 9 and refers to Supreme Court Justices' robes.)