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What Your Building's Gym Needs To Stay In Shape


Office buildings and residential complexes alike are upping the ante when it comes to including on-site amenities.

As a result, well-appointed fitness centers are becoming both a staple and a feature that property owners simply can’t bypass. enerG Wellness marketing coordinator Kathleen Swift tells Bisnow that stocking an attractive gym requires a focus on both functional training and fitness technology.

“Both of these trends are so prevalent in the fitness world," Kathleen says, “yet they are so different from one another.”

Functional training is a classification of exercises that involves training the body for the activities used in everyday life. Bodyweight training exercises such as pullups, pushups and free-weight workouts all fall under this category. CrossFit classes do as well.

Kathleen tells us that many of enerG’s facilities are requesting a functional training area. “We are finding this so important to make your facility stand out from the rest and attract new residents or members,” she says.

So you’re interested in implementing this in your building? Take a look at Queenax. Kathleen calls Queenax “the perfect option for facilities that want to set themselves apart from the competition.

“It really gives your gym a high-end, custom look," she says. "Queenax is very versatile and offers unlimited exercise and training options while using minimal floor space and organizing all the fitness accessories associated with functional training."

The gym is stocked. The building’s more attractive and the tenants are healthier. All is right with the world, right? Not quite.

You need to throw some tech into the mix.

“Fitness technology is all about keeping exercisers engaged,” Kathleen says. “It's about connecting them to other exercisers, providing virtual exercise classes, tracking daily workouts, and providing new and exciting content in a virtual setting.”

enerG has seen a spike in sales of Precor P82 Cardio Consoles with Preva. Kathleen says the tech-forward treadmill touch screens are a great way to keep exercisers engaged. It's also a helpful tool for facility owners to create a sense of community and promote branding efforts.

"We are also finding Wellbeats to be another exciting fitness technology product that is becoming increasingly popular with our facilities," Kathleen tells us.

Wellbeats offers exercisers virtual, on-demand or streaming workouts led by world-renowned fitness instructors, all available anytime at the touch of your fingertips, Kathleen tells us. 

Interested in learning more about how to update your building's fitness center? Visit this Bisnow content partner here.

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