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5 Companies Offering Cool Office Amenities Around The Country, And Beyond

    Office Amenitites

    Employers are constantly looking for new ways to motivate team members and perks to boost morale. Here are some of the most clever office amenities from companies, some already available and others soon on their way. Prepare to be astounded (and jealous).

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    CBRE Concierge Services

    For tenants who find themselves pressed for time, CBRE’s creative office space in Glendale, CA, has a five-star concierge service on hand. Building staff will pick up dinner for employees before they head home, grocery shop and even take your clothes to the dry cleaners. 

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    Corus Entertainment

    Corus Entertainment's HQ in Toronto—known as Corus Quay—comes with a five-story dual-sided living green wall and a huge indoor slide over three stories high that goes into the main lobby. 

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    Activision Blizzard

    Video gamers would love Activision Blizzard's office digs in Santa Monica. One of the largest interactive entertainment companies in the US, Activision's offices come with a video game center complete with leather chairs, flat screens and more.

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    Amazon Giants Orbs

    Amazon Orbs

    The e-commerce giant is in the final stages of construction on its three gigantic spheres in downtown Seattle, overlooking its 500-foot-tall office tower. The 100-foot-tall orbs will house more than 300 plant species from around the world, and Amazon says once complete, employees will have the freedom to de-stress from the job with a walk in the gardens, or even host meetings in the orbs.

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    A mobile office amenity, this two-year-old company has been invading conference rooms. Manicube provides manicure services in several markets, including S.F., Boston, NY and Chicago. The company links up with HR departments and schedules weekly recurring times that nail technicians come in. Employees can book online, so it's all cashless, making them the unofficial Uber of manicures.

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