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DC Property Managers Hunker Down for Joaquin


Hurricane Joaquin has begun to track east toward the ocean, but that doesn't mean folks in DC can breathe easy. Emergency responders will be at the ready, but so will the property managers for office and residential buildings. JLL's Mid-Atlantic head of property management Kim Sinkovic-Fowler says her crew is currently checking emergency generator fuel levels, checking floor drains, roof trenches and—for a hurricane, this is key—ensuring the sub-pumps are working. The latest reports call for the center of the storm to push well into the Atlantic, but heavy rains are basically unavoidable. Probably the most memorable recent disaster was Snowmaggedon back in 2010, when Kim said she was on the rooftop of a building in Arlington, ensuring it could handle the snow without collapsing. "The inspector wanted to shut the building down," she says. As is the case with all disasters, like when JLL and, surely, other local property management outfits, sent personnel to NYC for Superstorm Sandy, there will be constant communication and weather monitoring all weekend. Stay safe out there, folks. 

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