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House Committee Authorizes $834M Appropriation For FBI HQ


Six months after a Senate committee approved $759M in spending for the FBI's new HQ, a House committee voted this morning on an even larger appropriation. 

The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee unanimously approved $834M in federal funding for the project as part of a larger spending package, the Washington Business Journal reports. 

The committee's support does come with some requirements. It caps the total federal contribution to the project at $2.1B, limits the facility to 2.1M SF, requires the site to fully consolidate the FBI and asks the GSA to consider cost when making its decision on a site.

The agency is still choosing between three sites in Greenbelt, Landover and Springfield, a decision it recently pushed back to March. As part of the deal, the GSA will swap the Hoover Building site, above, to a developer to build the new suburban HQ. Congress members have pressed the GSA on whether this type of swap will get them the same value for the Hoover building as a separate sale would. [WBJ]