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What's Missing From The R-B Corridor?

An aerial view of Arlington's Rosslyn-Ballston corridor

The Rosslyn-Ballston Corridor is already a hotbed of mixed-use development. But, according to representatives of both the Rosslyn and Ballston communities, there is still work to be done.

Ballston BID CEO Tina Leone has lived in the neighborhood since 1994. She tells Bisnow there's always a wish list, despite Ballston's already established draw. 

"Ballston is very well-rounded and it has a great, great vibe," Tina says. "From a lifestyle point of view, we would love to add some type of performing arts or events venue."  

Tina mentioned a black box theater which was proposed by Crimson Partners in exchange for a density bonus from the county. The 13k SF development is currently on hold but could be a potential solution. 

Though Tina is more than optimistic that it will be met shortly, for now the need is left unmet.

"It kind of blows your mind how fast things have changed here,” Tina says. “I think Ballston really has that great work/live vibe that everyone is trying to achieve right now.”  

Mary-Claire Burick  is equally excited about the progress in her community.

Mary-Claire tells us Rosslyn has undergone a significant amount of change in recent years and is well on its way to finding the perfect work-life balance. 

"Modern-day Rosslyn has always been a very successful commercial district and in 2010—when the major developments like Turnberry Tower and The Waterview came online—it really was a turning point for us."  

Mary-Claire says the infusion of residential development has helped spur an uptick in community-centric additions to the neighborhood. In the near future, Rosslyn will be gaining more greenspaces and public plazas so it can cultivate a true work/life balance atmosphere.