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DC’s Neighborhood Namesakes Include Captivating Characters


District residents are rather passionate when it comes to neighborhood names, although few can answer how they got their names in the first place, let alone their historical significance.

A recent list of some of the captivating characters that have been bestowed with the honor of having neighborhoods named after them hopes to change that, courtesy of Stuck in DC. Topping the list is Frederick Douglass, the esteemed writer and orator who's also the namesake of the tiny Douglass neighborhood near St. Elizabeth’s and the Congress Heights Metro Station.

Here are the top five:

  1. Douglass (Frederick Douglass)
  2. Shepherd Park (Alexander Robey Shepherd)
  3. Glover Park (Charles C. Glover)
  4. Tenleytown (John Tennally)
  5. Carver Langston (George Washington Carver, John Mercer Langston) [SDC]