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Parking-Free Micro-Units Approved in Shaw's Blagden Alley

It was smooth sailing for SB-Urban and Rooney Properties Thursday in a final appearance before the historic preservation review board regarding the  Blagden Alley project. The board OK'd a new design for a pedestrian bridge, which had been a sticking point since last summer. The bridge, which connects the residential building with its amenities, was approved by the HPRB as long as it was open, not an indoor walkway, UrbanTurf reports. A glass roof was settled on as a compromise to protect the walkway from the elements. The cutting-edge project will house 121 furnished short-term micro-units for a car-free Millennial clientele. The development team convinced a skeptical BZA to approve the no parking plan, by arguing that residents would walk, bike and take public transportation. [UrbanTurf]