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NIMBY Battle Continues In Westbard As Residents File Suit

The Westwood Shopping Center in Bethesda

Equity One's plan to redevelop the Westwood Shopping Center in the Westbard neighborhood of Bethesda, above, would add roughly 450 multifamily units and 75 townhouses.

The plan has received serious neighborhood opposition from the start, though, and on Monday the Save Westbard group filed suit in Montgomery County Circuit Court, Bethesda Magazine reports.

The plaintiffs are fighting the new zoning recommendations passed by the County Council in May that would allow Equity One's development to go up. 

SaveWestbard says the zoning recommendations should be void because the planning board failed to assess the plan's effect on greenhouse gas emissions and failed to hold a public hearing, and they argue the deal constitutes illegal contract zoning. [BETH]