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Clark Protesting Brookfield's Plan for 290-Foot Tower At Bethesda Metro


Two real estate giants are butting heads over Brookfield's plan to build a 290-foot building at Bethesda's Metro Plaza. 

Clark Enterprises launched a campaign called Project Bethesda Open Space, attempting to convince the County Council to block Brookfield's development plan, Bethesda Magazine reports. 

The Montgomery County Planning Board has tentatively agreed to allow a building of up to 290 feet on the site in the master plan it sent to the County Council for final review.

Clark, which owns the neighboring 16-story Clark Building, argues the site would be better used as public greenspace. Clark has proposed a half-acre street-facing park on the space, which is currently concrete. 

Brookfield has a ground lease on the plaza from WMATA, which selected the Bethesda station as a pilot for systemwide improvements. Brookfield argues developing the high-rise would allow them to fund significant improvements to the Metro station below. The developer also says it would create an inward-facing greenspace, rendered above, which would feature public programming.

The Clark Building is 200 feet high and is one of the most recognizable, prominent buildings in Bethesda. Brookfield developing a neighboring tower that's 90 feet taller would hinder some Clark employees' views, at the very least.

Nearby, Carr Properties is developing a three-building project at the site of the current Apex Building, with a 250-plus-foot tower at the upcoming Bethesda Purple Line station. [BETH]