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Hong Kong High

Washington, D.C. Hotel

We’ve written a lot about hotels and super-tall buildings lately, so here’s one that’s both rolled into one. Yes, it’s a splurge, but it’s one-of-a-kind: the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, occupying the 103rd to 118th floors of the tallest building in the city. (Well, technically in Kowloon, and therefore looking down on Hong Kong across Victoria Harbor, as you see above.) The roofline of the building (International Commerce Tower) is 1,587 feet high. We took this picture from an “ordinary” hotel room.


Just to give you perspective, that building down below on the left is 1,364 feet tall—higher than the roofline (i.e., spires and towers not counted) of any building in the United States. (Willis Tower in Chicago is 1,353, One World Trade Center is 1,336, the Empire State Building is 1,224.)


Amazing place. You can even go to the 118th floor fitness center and soak in the hot tub. (Well, after doing your exercises.)