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RDM's Scott Finberg Brings Tech To The Hill


Two months into "Capital-izing" on the greater DC market, RDM’s Scott Finberg is successfully integrating the property management and analytics platform into the daily operations of clients across DC, Virginia and Maryland. 

A native of the region, Scott says that his decade-plus of experience on the leasing side of the business has helped him to understand the specific needs of a client roster that includes TIAA, Pembroke, Monday Properties, TF Cornerstone and Rockrose.

“It’s a great market and place to be in,” Scott says. “The region is sophisticated and diverse. RDM’s platform is plug-and-play and what makes us unique is that customers can pick and choose how to use us from our building measurement solutions  to our online software.”

RDM CEO Peter Boritz tells Bisnow that each market has its own share of challenges and the key to success is having a strong local presence, like Scott.

On the whole, RDM has broken down some deep scar tissue within the industry. In a sector that has been historically slow to adapt to tech, RDM is gaining traction as the younger generation works its way up the commercial real estate ladder and the tech offerings are getting smarter.

“There definitely have been obstacles,” Peter says, “and we had to prove out the value and de-risk the investment for customers, which really helped. There also has to be a level of trust between both parties. Once we got over that hurdle, customers say they can't imagine running a building without it.”