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Greg Leisch and Sandy Paul Start a New Chapter at NGKF

After creating quite a legacy at Delta Associates, founder Greg Leisch is beginning a new chapter at Newmark Grubb Knight Frank, with business partner Sandy Paul and Brendan Owen, chairman of Asset Services in NGKF's DC office. Greg, Sandy and Brendan took some time to tell us more about themselves and this new venture.

Plans for the new position:

Sandy Paul: For our research efforts, the vision is to provide world-class materials and unique insights to our clients.

Greg Leisch: A world-class firm with best-in-class clients demands first-rate market intel. We will elevate the NGKF research platform locally and nationally, producing research to assist clients in identifying market opportunities, prioritizing investment and development timing, and finding overlooked niches.

How they’re not competing with Delta Associates:

GL: Delta Associates will continue to provide site-specific market studies and publish market intel in the Washington region. NGKF will offer market insights across all property types and all national regions. The services are complementary, not competitive.

Why it’s time for a new chapter:

GL: I am looking for an expanded geographic challenge and NGKF is an exciting opportunity with world-class people driven by core values that I respect.

SP: NGKF's vision for what research can be and its value to clients is unparalleled. I wanted to be a part of that environment.

This plan has been in the works for:

GL: A while.

SP: NGKF reached out to us late last year but an agreement was only finalized recently.

Another secret:

GL: I have spelunked the world’s largest cave in Borneo filled with 2 million bats.

SP: I am an Eagle Scout.

If Sandy were a piece of property, he would be:

A well-located distribution center to capitalize on the massive growth of e-commerce.

Favorite subject to geek out on (besides CRE):

GL: NatGeo Wild shows

SP: Advanced baseball statistics (sabermetrics)

If they could spend a day with anyone alive, dead or fictional, it would be:

GL: The late Robert Gladstone—just one more day of exploring his fabulous mind.

SP: Thomas Jefferson—I'd ask him to teach me how to write like he did.

Vision for Newmark’s DC office’s new dream team:

Brendan Owen: Newmark Grubb Knight Frank offers a terrific platform that continues to attract and retain top talent across all business lines. We are focused on delivering the best possible results to our clients, and to do that you need exceptional people.

If he were part of the actual dream team, Sandy would be:

John Stockton or Kyrie Irving—someone who tries to make others look good.

On their iPod:

GL: Pink Floyd, Sarah Brightman, Bob Marley

SP: U2, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, the Freakonomics podcast

Future conferences:

Both: Sandy and Greg plan to provide regional and national conferences. These conferences will explore the major issues affecting CRE and the economy, and offer our clients unique insights that separate NGKF from the competition.

Advice for people who want to be successful:

GL: Integrity, hard work, organization

SP: Treat everyone with respect and people will want to help you succeed.

Best thing that’s happened all year:

SP: Other than this new role?

GL: Celebrating the 50th anniversary of going steady with my gorgeous wife.

Final words:

GL: I’m excited about NGKF, and will miss my fantastic team at Delta.

SP: I had the privilege of working with outstanding people at Delta Associates, and I'm thrilled I'll get to do the same at NGKF.