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This Morning in Chicago

Washington DC
This Morning in Chicago


This is not a postcard (do they even make those anymore?), but our own picture from last evening of the Chicago Riverscape. We, like other visitors, are always amazed at how pretty a city it is, as well as all of the fun restaurants around.


For example, this is not a newly discovered solar system but the hip interior of the restaurant at Ian Schrager's stylish new hotel, The Public, that we strolled over to on Goethe in the Gold Coast.


Meanwhile, here's a picture from zero dark 6:00 this morning of the Trump Hotel where we hosted 400, many from outside the Midwest, to hear about huge new demands for data centers, especially as corporations move more and more to the cloud.


Or maybe they came for our live music.


One of our panelists was Mayor Rahm Emanuel's CIO, who was a founder of OpenTable. He was amazed at the age of some of the legacy systems they're still using; he checked the serial number of one piece of equipment and it was from the '60s. He says the Mayor is putting a huge new emphasis on tech systems. Hear that, DC?

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