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Hit List (26-40)

Washington, D.C.

Hit List (26-40)

(Second installment: Nos. 26-40)

26. �Linda Rabbitt, Rand Construction. �The Everywhere Woman. From the Brookfield boardroom to the BOT, Rand�s founder has done it all, working as hard as she plays, showing it�s not just a man�s world, and even beating cancer while she�s at it.

27. �Diane Hoskins, Gensler. �Part of triumvirate running entire 30-city firm, has done interior design of Discovery, the convention center, PTO, and is somehow finding time to do 2,100 room Gaylord Hotel.� To boot, has broadened firm's practice to base buildings. � 28. �Ed Asher, Chevy Chase Land Company. Realized that even the intellectuals of Montgomery County have money. �Move over Fairfax Square:� the Collection is now the destination for high end shopping sprees. �But what can he do for an encore? 29. �Jeff Sussman, Rolland Baribeau, Dreyfus. Okay, so they�re New Yorkers, and sold the Four Seasons. But everyone knows 'em down here, and they�re just about the most active developer in DC: �Station Place for the SEC, 2001 K for Clifford Chance, 1101 New York for E&Y, and now breaking ground on what may become the District�s highest profile building: �a Kevin Roche design for the old FDIC site on 17th. 30. �Don Wood, Federal Realty Investment Trust.Largely a national player, but owns half the plazas on Rockville Pike and Route 7, not to mention Cleveland Park�s Stop and Shop, Pentagon Row, Village at Shirlington, and Bethesda Row, where they've got big expansion going on. The guy learned a bold move or two from former boss Donald Trump. 31. �Bill Alsup, Hines. Maybe he belongs more in the Hall of Fame than current lineup, but he�ll make a huge comeback when he whips old convention center site into shape. 32. �Adrian Washington, Anacostia Waterfront Corp. Should you go to Steve Greene, Stan Jackson, or Adrian to get stuff done? If he can cut through red tape and build, they�ll put up a statue to him in SE and SW. �If not, he can remain a major player just by going back to the Neighborhood Development Co. he founded that�s a partner in City Vista and the old convention center site. � 33. �Anthony Lanier, CEO, Eastbanc.Colorful GQ of Georgetown loves village life there and is determined to redesign Washington�s hotel and retail worlds accordingly. 34. �Rob Copito, Robb Johnson & David Houck, Staubach. �They don�t even need Roger to throw touchdowns when coach O�Brien has trained them to kick 400,000 foot field goals like Finnegan Henderson. �Even Bob Peck's already doing well. 35. �Monty Hoffman, PN Hoffman. Captain Condo from Adams Morgan, Chase Point, and Woodmont Avenue�to maybe even Southwest Waterfront.36. �Kingdon Gould Jr. and III, investors. �K3 may technically be a parking magnate (PMI), but if you peel back ownership of a lot of downtown, you�ll find him and his dad among the region�s smartest investors, as befits descendants of Jay Gould. They finally swapped their acre to let the new convention hotel go forward, and are doing huge new office/retail at 5th and Mass.� � 37. �Chris Gladstone, Quadrangle. Living in his dad�s shadow hasn�t stopped him. With deep pocket pension funds like AEW behind him, he�s been building Towers Crescent, Montgomery County Conference Center, and even the Hyatt resort in Easton. �Quiet but ubiquitous�from NoMa to Greensboro Dr., Sunrise Valley to Quince Orchard, you pass their buildings every day. � 38. �Dan McCaffery, McCaffery Interests. �Lives in Chicago but left his heart in Clarendon.� And Georgetown, and Mazza Gallerie.� Created enough panache in the hinterlands that even Franco Nuschese puts restaurants there. �And he�s eagerly building more. 39. �Coke Florance, Smith Group. The architect for Verizon Center and Terrell Place may be 75, but is still called in for top tier work like the Bricklayers' Building which houses new Shakespeare Theatre, or trophy offices at Mt. Vernon Square. �When he steps back next year, who will take his crown?� Could be: �Doug Carter, go-to architect for NoVa developers at Davis Carter Scott; former Skidmore star Larry Oltmanns, recently recruited by Leo Daly, now working behind both Union Station and baseball stadium; Bill Hellmuth, scion of the H in giant HOK; or David King, also of Smith.�40. �Debra Lehman-Smith, LSM. �From Gannett to Jones Day, the woman can design interiors, and she's even done Tiffany china.� Has a knack for finding people with lots of money�and helping them spend it.