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What You Didn't Know About Steve Caldeira

WASHINGTON DC 04.27.2017


A New President & GSA: What Does That Mean For You?

Norman Dong -- U.S. General Services Administration (GSA)
Tom Finan -- Trammell Crow Company
Bruce Childs -- USAA Real Estate
What You Didn't Know About Steve Caldeira

Title: President/CEO, International Franchise Association
On the job: Since June 2010
Association: Nearly 1,400 franchise members, including Dunkin’ Donuts, InterContinental Hotels, Ace Hardware, Jiffy Lube and McDonald's; over 13,000 individual franchisee owners, and over 700 supplier partners. 
Size: Revenue has grown from $10.1M to $16.1M since 2010 and staff has expanded from 32 to 47. 
Mission: To protect, promote and enhance the franchise industry. Being proactive and reactive to legislative and regulatory threats at all government levels. IFA promotes the industry as a great place to work for first-time employees and a great way to achieve the American Dream through small business ownership. IFA also provides professional development and education (including a certified franchise executive credential), a program to recruit veterans and minorities, and an educational foundation for public policy research that supports IFA’s advocacy efforts.

What You Didn't Know About Steve Caldeira

Public policy focus: The National Labor Relations Board’s recent changes to what defines a “joint employer.” It would make franchisers like McDonald’s liable for franchisees’ labor practices. 
Board: 39 board members—meet three times per year. 
Revenue: Approximately 40% comes from IFA's annual convention; 40% from membership dues; 15% from events and program-related sponsorships; 5% from investment income.
Career: Started on Capitol Hill as a legislative correspondent for a GOP freshman House member, then morphed to working on political campaigns, including former NY Sen. Al D’Amato’s re-election in ‘86. Intro to associations came from working as senior manager of political affairs in the Northeast region during the ’88 election cycle for the US Chamber of Commerce. Second stint in DC was mid- to late '90s for the National Restaurant Association as communications, marketing and regulatory affairs SVP and then president/COO of its educational foundation in Chicago.

What You Didn't Know About Steve Caldeira

Grew up: Springfield, MA
Current home: Potomac, MD
School: Providence College
First jobs: Cut grass, raked leaves and shoveled snow. 
Job in another life: Professional golfer (10 handicap today; was once a 5).
Daily habit: Talk to members; catch son’s basketball, soccer or baseball games; catch daughter’s field hockey games; and walk family's two Cocker Spaniels
Favorite book: Ogilvy on Advertising
Favorite movie: Chariots of Fire
Favorite vacation spot: Chatham, Cape Cod
Bucket list: Play golf in St. Andrews, Scotland, with three close friends. 
Family: Married 18 years; daughter (15) and son (13)
Hobbies: Golf, travel, enjoying Italian food and Napa Valley red wine (and an occasional cigar) with friends and family, and working with charities like SOME, Boy Scouts of America, the Alzheimer’s Association and Operation Smile. 
Startling fact: He's an avid lap swimmer.