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How Meetings Will Change In 2016


Marriott and the Professional Convention Management Association are predicting meetings will see changes this year, including growing attendance and revenues, reports Associations NOW. The two organizations identified five key areas to watch:

  • An increase in sensory analytics: sensors placed in meeting rooms that can send info about the attendees’ physical experience to planners in real time. 
  • A growing focus on group events, collaboration and connections. There’s a hunger for community rather than the heavy emphasis on individualism we’ve seen for a long time. 
  • Meeting-goers also want to personalize their own convention experiences. Planners will have to create a physical setup that’s easy to change based on feedback. 
  • Meetings will also start addressing holistic wellness, including emotional, spiritual and social health and not just physical health. It could involve customizing everything from lighting to airflow to create healthier environments.
  • Meeting planners will also start using technology that allows for interaction between in-person and virtual attendees. [AN]