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Three Ways To Woo a Millennial

Three Ways To Woo a Millennial

Your organization probably can't survive without the love and support of Millennials. But how do you reach someone whose biggest generational achievement is driving the Post Office out of business? We asked two significant organizations about cracking the code.

1. Crowdfund

UW-bill hanbury

United Way of the National Capital Area organized a 24-hour marathon of online crowdfunding, social action projects, and neighborhood events. The Do More 24 campaign will allow people to make a donation to their choice of 1,000 nonprofits through domore24.orgall day on June 6. UWNCA president Bill Hanbury tells us it's a major initiativeto reach a younger demographic. Despite the region's healthy economy, there are still widespread geographic and racial disparities that he's hoping will get some attention through the crowdfunding campaign.

2. Virtual March


imarch-jeremy robbinsThe Partnership for a New American Economy--started by Mayor Bloombergto push forimmigration reform--also ventured online to hold a two-day virtual march last month. Itasked supporters to use Facebook and Twitter to tell senators to support legislation that makes it easier for immigrants to stay in the US as a way to continue innovation. The march produced 30,000 Tweets, Facebook posts, and calls to members of Congress on immigration reform. When lots of buzz is created online, ittrickles downto more offline advocacy.Director Jeremy Robbins says the virtual march is a way to get younger people engaged enough to then have them do offline advocacy through phone calls and visits. (For confused young people: "offline" is like the Internet but without the computer screen.)

3. Get a Celebrity

russell simmons

Get all kinds of people involved who can reach certain groups of potential supporters. Def Jam co-founder Russell Simmons tweeted for the March for Innovation's virtual event.

Bonus tip:Make sure your organization's staff understands social media and the digital platforms for reaching supporters. Then invest time and resources in making your social media strong and sophisticated.