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Behind The Deal: PIA and


How did a big-time association link up with a website? It all starts locally, of course. The National Association of Professional Insurance Agents formed a partnership with, an online tool for consumers to get quotes and for agents to get leads. The association’s 10,000 member agencies will be the only group to have access to the tool, created by NY-based insurance agent Evan Spindelman. The partnership came together through one of PIA’s state associations, which has become a trend for the DC-based national association. PIA marketing VP Alexi Papandon (pictured) says it’s preferable to try out new products and service in a small population through one of its state chapters rather than roll out something on a national level.


Evan created and then introduced it to one of the Northeast chapters of PIA. The national association saw its success and decided it would work well nationally. Alexi says selling flood insurance has been notoriously cumbersome. Different flood zones make it complicated, along with requirements for consumers to have flood insurance in some areas of the country. But with the rise of flooding, the association is pushing for more flood coverage. Members will pay to use it and PIA will get a royalty based on the sales generated. Alexi says he expects at least 1,000 agents to start using it.

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