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5 Associations Not Based in DC

We love to think of DC as the center of the universe, but some of the largest associations don't agree. See how these five fulfill their missions without being in the nation's capital. 

American Medical Association


HQ: Chicago
Known for: Being the largest association of doctors and medical students; establishing a Code of Medical Ethics that dictates the professional conduct for practicing physicians; and publishes the Journal of the American Medical Association, which has the largest circulation of any weekly medical journal in the world. 
CEO: James L. Madara (above)
Established: 1847
Members: 217,500
Social media: 291,000 Facebook likes and 526,000 Twitter followers.
Recent news: AMA applauded the FDA for its proposed policy replacing the lifetime ban on blood donations from men who have sex with men.

American Bar Association


HQ: Chicago (ABA also has a significant presence in DC)
Known for: World’s largest voluntary professional organization
President: William Hubbard (above)
Established: 1878
Members: 400,000
Social media: 47,500 Twitter followers; 41,000 Facebook likes
Recent news: ABA is sponsoring its first-ever LGBT Advocacy Day this week on Capitol Hill. ABA members will educate members of Congress on issues supported by the AMA that are important to the LGBT community.

Association of Executive Search Consultants


HQ: New York
Known for: Its Code of Ethics and Professional Practice Guidelines.
President/CEO: Karen Greenbaum (above)
Established: 1959
Members: Over 350 member firms, representing 8,000 executive search professionals in 75 countries.
Social media: 2,360 Twitter followers and 326 Facebook likes
Recent news: Executive search assignments increased 4% between Q4 of last year and this year’s Q1 and 7.5% from last year’s Q1 to this year’s Q1. The growth was driven by assignments in the tech and and nonprofit sectors.

American Library Association


HQ: Chicago
Known for: Oldest and largest library association in the world; produces annual State of American Libraries report.
President: Courtney Young (above)
Established: 1876
Members: Over 62,000
Social media: 99,000 Facebook likes; 65,500 Twitter followers
Recent news: ALA’s 10 most banned and challenged books of 2014 included a memoir by a sexual assault survivor, a science fiction comic book and a children’s book about gay penguins.

American Water Works Association


HQ: Denver
Known for: Holding Drinking Water Week for over 35 years to recognize the importance of safe drinking water in North America; and industry standards for products, processes and best practices. 
CEO: David LaFrance
Established: 1881
Members: 50,000
Social media: 6,326 Facebook likes; 11,900 Twitter followers
Recent news: AWWA recently held Drinking Water Week and urged consumers to think about how they value water, use and access it, and how to protect it into the future.