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Deborah Ratner Salzberg On #MeToo And What Defines Her

At The Yards along the Washington, D.C., waterfront, Forest City wants visitors to find their “-ing,” or the activity they like best in the neighborhood. For Forest City President Deborah Ratner Salzberg, it is building. It is her passion for creating communities that not only led to The Yards, but also the transformation of the Anacostia Waterfront. Where some developers saw a polluted river, Ratner Salzberg saw opportunity.

In line with her vision for improving the spaces around her, Ratner Salzberg hopes that her accomplishments in commercial real estate stand out more than her position as a female president of a major development company. In the era of #MeToo, it is a distinction that has become more apparent than ever before. 

Baker Tilly's Todd Stokes sat down with Ratner Salzberg to discuss The Anacostia, the impact of the #MeToo Movement on commercial real estate and The Yard’s unusual marketing campaign. 

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