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Transit Pilot Project To Reduce Traffic On King

King Street streetcar TTC City Council Toronto

A pilot plan to improve public transit downtown along King Street began Nov. 12.

The $1.5M project — approved last July by the city — is intended to make it easier to transport people through the often-jammed downtown core. The project is designed to give priority to streetcar traffic on King between Bathurst and Jarvis streets in an effort to move people more efficiently and support economic prosperity, the Toronto Transit Commission explains on its website.

Now that the project is up and running, motorists will be prohibited from driving through the length of the pilot area of King Street. Instead, drivers will be moved into right turn lanes at most signalized intersections and off King. This should allow streetcars to pass through the centre lane without delay.

On-street parking will be removed to make way for loading zones, taxi stands and new public spaces.

Every weekday, 65,000 public transit riders travel along King, making it the busiest daytime route in the city.

Through-traffic will be allowed at Simcoe and York streets, which are one-way and therefore not conducive to right turns off King.

Police are expected to be on King in the initial days of the pilot project to inform motorists of the change. 

A report on whether to make the project permanent is expected to go to council in late 2018.

The TTC has supplied a video to explain to drivers what they will face.

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