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Spotted: Bar Car SF

Silicon Valley Other

If you spot a renovated 1965 Airstream oozing booze in Mountain View today, here's why: It's Bar Car SF's first-ever event on Google's campus. Owner Greg Medow (Foreign Cinema, Indigo) decided to streamline his hospitality passion with a bar on wheels, so he went against the food truck grain by buying the Airstream shell in Lake Placid, NY last year. The purchase got a Hollywood twist when he found out it was stolen (cops and guns let him know). He worked out the kinks--which included obtaining the title from Canada--and finally pulled it cross country with his truck. (Pictured: Bar Car on its first photo shoot in Napa last weekend.) Its first wedding is Saturday on a three-acre plot in Calistoga. For each event he gets an alcohol permit to pour beer to bourbon and prices are pretty reasonable, running at $25/head. On-the-street marketing appears to be effective,with at least 50 strangers strolling by the media event on Tuesday night in Crissy Field to ask questions.