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Santa Clara Calls for More Affordable Housing as Irvine Co's Project Moves Forward


The City of Santa Clara just approved its largest housing project to date, adding one condition: city leaders want more affordable housing added to the Irvine Co development.

The mixed-use project, located by the Irvine Co's Santa Clara Square office campus and part of its 80-acre master plan for the area, is slated for up to 1,800 apartment units and 40k SF of retail at 2600 Augustine Dr. The development will eventually include 1.7M SF of office space and a 125k SF retail center, reflecting the growing trend for more mixed-use, transit-based development in Silicon Valley.

The original affordable housing requirement for the project was set at 100 affordable units (roughly 5%) either as a part of the project or off-site, according to the Silicon Valley Business Journal. The city council voted to amend that to closer to 10%. The project, to be built in phases, is expected to be completed between 2018 and 2020. [SVBJ]