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6 Ambitious Silicon Valley Projects Backed By Developers

"Folded Wings," an office complex in Palo Alto, has been leased by JPMorgan Chase.

Many of the biggest new developments across Silicon Valley have been led by tech firms, which have established massive corporate campuses on land they owned.

As the Bay Area's roster of companies continues to grow and diversify, though, developers are investing in larger and taller office and laboratory properties. Many of these developers are building the projects on spec with the knowledge that companies will come clamoring for the space during the development process. 

These developers often don't own the plots underneath their new buildings, and each day the property sits without a tenant may cost thousands of dollars in rent and other fees. To reduce these costs, developers are seeking out contractors that can not only build quickly, but also work to streamline the construction process.

"Every day that goes by eats into their return on investment," Truebeck Senior Project Executive John Assunto said. "The reason they choose Truebeck is that they know we will do everything we can to make these properties ready for the first day of business or for their tenants as soon as possible."

Assunto described how the team at Truebeck specializes in working on projects with particularly tight delivery schedules and spec projects where the search for tenants requires adaptability during the construction process.

Explore the map below to see six ambitious projects across Silicon Valley and learn how Truebeck's agile approach to construction makes a difference for the development teams behind them.


This feature was produced in collaboration between the Bisnow Branded Content Studio and Truebeck Construction. Bisnow news staff was not involved in the production of this content.