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Seattle No. 2 City For Tech Salaries, After Adjusting For Cost Of Living


What good is a large tech industry salary if you have to spend most of it on rent? That's the question at the heart of a new study by, a jobs listing site, which found while San Francisco has the highest salaries in tech, the best place to have a tech salary considering the cost of living (with rent a major part of that) is Austin. The No. 2 best place on the list is Seattle.

The report uses an app developer as one example. In San Francisco, the developer might earn about $108k/year, for example, but the area's median rent—$3,357/month—eats up more than 37% of monthly income. In Seattle, by contrast, an app developer earns about $74,833/year. Lower housing costs—with median rent at $2,031/month—mean the app developer pays 32% of income on rent.