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Salesforce's Tableau Software Acquisition Builds Seattle's Reputation As A Top Tech Market

Tableau Software headquarters at 1621 North 34th St. in Fremont

Salesforce’s $15.7B acquisition of Tableau Software further solidifies Seattle’s reputation as a top tech talent town.

“Seattle will become our second headquarters of Salesforce,” Salesforce co-founder and co-CEO Marc Benioff said in a statement. “It’s going to be our HQ2, if you will.”

For the commercial real estate market, that means another top tech firm is putting down roots in the Seattle market, which may drive the need for more housing in the future. Salesforce already has 1,000 workers in the city. The acquisition of Tableau will give Salesforce a stronger foothold in Seattle.

“It’s another example of a major Northern California technology company recognizing the talent and comparative affordability of the Puget Sound region,” NKF’s Kevin Shannon said in a statement. “Many Bay Area tech companies like Facebook and Apple have already replicated their Bay Area footprint on a smaller scale in Seattle. Office space and housing is approximately 60% the cost of the Bay Area while after tax income levels are similar.”

Tableau’s HQ will remain at 1621 North 34th St. in Fremont. The firm has about 2,000 employees in three Puget Sound locations.