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Why Seattle's Going To Stay One Of The Most Sustainable Cities

Seattle is known as one of the top cities nationwide for sustainability, but what is next, especially when it seems that all the low-hanging sustainable fruit is gone for commercial properties?


"Water is the new energy," Seattle 2030 District executive director Susan Wickwire said. "We need to have better systems in place for measuring and managing water consumption in the built environment and seek policy incentives to support more conservation."

She said she is looking forward to a new City of Seattle program for greening existing buildings that will incentivize upgrades that go well beyond code.

"Tenants have an important role in creating market demand for more sustainable buildings and contributing to efficient building operations," Wickwire said.

Seattle 2030 District has launched a new engagement program to raise tenants' awareness and help improve their behavior.


Touchstone president A-P Hurd said she is more interested in where sustainable cities are going, rather than things like LEED, which feels a bit dated.

"The most interesting space now are the synergies between buildings, infrastructure and new technologies, and what this means to how cities make connections, generate innovation and value, and remain sustainable and great places to live,” she said.

Hurd will be the keynote speaker at our Seattle Sustainability event, and Wickwire will be speaking as part of the Living City panel. The event will be at the Triple Door on April 6, beginning at 7:30 a.m. with breakfast and schmoozing.

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