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Bellevue Chamber Comes Out Against ST3


The Bellevue Chamber of Commerce is opposing the $53.8B Sound Transit 3 ballot measure, which will be decided by voters Nov. 8. The chamber's opposition is in the face of support by the likes of the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Seattle Business Association and the Downtown Seattle Association, all of which have endorsed ST3, which would add 62 miles of light rail throughout the region. Also, ST3 would add bus-rapid transit service on the Eastside and extend heavy rail service to DuPont, the Puget Sound Business Journal reports.

The chamber's objection? "The chamber sees the value of additional light rail investments to high-density destinations, such as the emerging Spring District (in Bellevue), Overlake and downtown Redmond, all of which can be accomplished in the short term," the organization said in a statement. "However, we have less confidence in the projected costs and benefits of those light rail projects scheduled for completion after 2030."

Bellevue City Councilman Kevin Wallace (a frequent Bisnow speaker) also came out against ST3. By his estimation, the typical Bellevue household pays $687/year for Sound Transit 2, and would pay another $1,048/year if ST3 passes. [PSBJ]