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Seattle Proposes Scheduling Law For Retailers, Restaurants


After months of discussion—and argument—the City of Seattle is proposing a new scheduling law, with some similarities to that enacted by San Francisco. The measure would require large retailers and many food-service companies with more than 500 employees to give their workers in Seattle 14 days advance notice of their schedules, among other requirements. The proposal would also require employers offer additional hours to existing employees before hiring new workers.

Mayor Ed Murray says the proposal would provide "workers with access to a reliable schedule that meets their life and financial needs, while balancing the daily realities facing large employers.” Naturally, retail and restaurant owners (and some full-service restaurant workers) have qualms about the proposal, the Seattle Times reports.

Last week, the Washington Retail Association sent an open letter to the mayor, urging that the process slow down. “Employee scheduling is an extraordinarily complex process for businesses,” the letter said. “A myriad of factors impact how businesses schedule their employees, from the size and type of business to weather and employee illness.” [ST]