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Port Construction Projects Halted To Review Safety Plans

The Port of Seattle temporarily suspends construction at its facilities to go over safety practices that prevent coronavirus spread.

The Port of Seattle has temporarily suspended 20 construction projects in order to complete reviews of contractors’ job site safety plans.

The suspension does not include Northwest Seaport Alliance projects. 

All port project contractors were required to submit safety plans by March 27 showing how they would implement public health recommendations to keep workers safe from the spread of the coronavirus. Contractors had already implemented social distancing on work sites, sanitation improvements, and asking all high-risk or ill employees to stay home. 

While most construction projects in the state have been shut down until May 4, including residential construction, many public works projects have been allowed to continue. 

The port will spend more than $3B on capital projects over the next five years in both maritime and aviation terminals. 

Washington state is beating the original coronavirus infection prediction and experts say that the success is due to social distancing practices put in place. However, social distancing practices, which include the closures of nonessential businesses, resulted in nearly 500,000 new unemployment claims in three weeks starting March 16.