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The Insurance Hawking Super Bowl Star

The Insurance Hawking Super Bowl Star
How do you top the excitement and glamour of a 14-year NFL career and two Super Bowl appearances? You begin selling insurance, duh! "You should see me jump out of bed in the morning," deadpans former Seahawks offensive linesman Rob Tobeck. All kidding aside, he really likes his job.
Rob Tobeck at the Seattle Yacht Club.
We chatted with Rob, now with Griffin MacLean, at the CCIM June luncheon at the Seattle Yacht Club. Turns out Rob was doing more than just playing football all those years. "In the off-season, my only requirement was lifting weights and attending the occasional mini-camp," he explains. "So I had a lot of free time." The former WSU Cougar used it well, doing internships and learning the ropes of insurance. Thanks in part to his father-in-law (one of the original founders of Griffin MacLean) Rob made the career transition smoothly after the 2006 NFL season.
Rob Tobeck as a Seattle Seahawk.
"I wanted to be prepared for life after football," he says. How'd he know it was time to retire? "When the rookies were close to the same age as my daughter," he says. Rob majored in physical education at WSU but found the schedule of being a football coach a bit too similiar to that of a player. He's content these days to watch his two teenage sons on the gridiron.
Rob Tobeck presenting at the CCIM Washington luncheon at the Seattle Yacht Club.
We asked Rob about recent trends he's seeing in the market: "We're seeing a lot of consolidation in the industry. Rates have also been down the past few years, and that's starting to harden a bit."