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The 2013 BISNOW POWER 50: Part 2


the 2013


The Most Influential Players

In Seattle Commercial Real Estate

Some first principles: Our list is about people, not firms. Its a snapshot of the moment, not lifetime achievement. Its about buzz, not objective metrics like dollars or square feet. Finally, we know it's brazenly subjective and slightly ridiculous, but we hope therefore provocative and fun. And if you disagreewell, theres always next year.

11. Jim Neal and Bill Pollard, Talon Private Capital. Combining money management and brokerage, the two launched a $100mm equity fund three years ago looking for quality office and industrial, and found assets in Kirkland, Freemont, and Denny Triangle, plus the Archon portfolio. A Seal team to beat the institutions.

12. John Goodman and George Petrie, Goodman Real Estate. With a stunning $2.5 billion portfolio and 35,000 apartments, and tons under construction, theyve become one of the largest property companies around, most recently rescuing Smith Tower and unveiling the striking Post Apartments in Pioneer Square.


13. Matt Griffin, Pine Street. This heli-skier picks his terrain carefully and knows how to land. Having helped revitalize downtown, hes putting up Seattles biggest apartment tower, luxury Via6, and with his magic touch its across from Amazons new front door. But no ones jealoushes also Mr. Philanthropy.

14. Chris Hansen, Valiant Capital. The poor kid from Roosevelt High who became a SF hedge fund tycoon may not have wrangled the Kings (yet), but via lieutenant Bill Vipond has assembled the land, and is intent to build a stadium (with Ballmer and the Nordstrom bros) and an LA Live-like entertainment mecca.


15. Jim Stanton and Jay Pittinger, Microsoft. With 15mm SF in the region (4 mm outside Redmond), their job lately has been not to expand space but to make what they have cooler and more efficient, converting traditional offices to open and collaborative space worthy of a tech icon.

16. John Hallgrimson, Frank Bosl, and Eli Hanacek, CBRE. These multifamily investment sales aces have long been on the top via billions in sales over three decades, though Kenny Dudunakis of Hendricks & Partners has had some pretty hot hands lately. But John remains the Michael Jordan of multifamily.


17. John Orehek and John Morasco, Security Properties. From origins raising investments from doctors and dentists comes a multifamily machine, now a dominant player along the West Coast. No surprise Wright Runstad, intent to create the right vibe in its Spring District, made them its first partner.


18. Ed Curtis and Clay Nielsen, Washington Partners. They founded their own firm 16 years ago and, $2 billion in transactions later, may be the top tenant reps in Seattle, with Amazon and Nordstrom among their exclusive clients in the region. Need we say more?


19. Mike McGinn, Diane Sigimura, and Marshall Foster, Mayor of Seattle and top planning staff. Implementing the legacy of former Mayor Nickels and former County Executive Sims, theyve re-envisioned the waterfront and viaduct, gotten Bertha ready to bore, and now rezoned South Lake Union, all very big deals.

20. Martin Selig, Martin Selig Real Estate. An icon in all asset classes since he founded the firm in 58, hes done 4mm SF, and besides Columbia Center has invested from Queen Anne to Chinatown, and Denny Triangle to Belltown. Now hes a magnet for out-of-town acquisitions, and money.