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One way to measure market status: Gauge the food served at industry gatherings. Pre-bust, events could be steak and lobster affairs. Since 2008, everyone's just been eating chicken, according to one theorist at this weekend's BOMA International Expo in our fair city, which wraps up this afternoon at the Convention Center.
Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and Boyd Zoccola of Hokanson Cos. at BOMA International in Seattle.
More than 2,000 showed up to hear former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates (here with BOMA chairman Boyd Zoccola of Hokanson Cos.) talk security. China, North Korea, and Iran topped his concerns. On China: ?There's no reason to be enemies." On North Korea: don't overestimate capabilities, but don't become complacent. On Iran: we need to ratchet up economic pressure and isolation so they're hurt by their own nuclear power. To the man who asked whether Iran?s missiles would be a counter to Pakistan?s should it come to that: ?In a logical world, yes. But in a logical world,men would ride sidesaddle.?
Hard at work at the BOMA Pacific Northwest Regional breakfast is chapter president Laura Gentry of KG Investment Management and regional VP Andrew Romerdahl of PTP Property Management. Laura and Andrew are thrilled Seattle has the chance to host the event, since this is the first time it's come to the Pacific Northwest in almost 20 years. Registration was the highest at a BOMA conference since 2008.
Shannon Tiegs, owner of Tiegs Property Services and president of BOMA South Puget Sound, has two jobs at the conference: Soak up knowledge and show others what's awesome about the chapter she represents. Besides attending the education sessions, Shannon, snapped here with Kidder Mathews' Jane Hughes, took time on Monday to mentor students. (Student attendance is up 30% this year.) Other than that, "It's great to bounce ideas off each other and see what works in their market," she tells us.
Life?s hard at these industry functions! Fortunately, those who strain a muscle peering at the latest gizmos on the trade show floor or stooping to grab a free bag of popcorn, can crawl to the massage area a few feet away and someone will knead that knot away.
Leibsohn SVP Thomas Wallin, NMS's Jim Tebo and Anton Grube of The Corvallis Clinic at BOMA International in Seattle.
BOMA's Seattle and Spokane chapters are both celebrating their 100th anniversaries, which was why Pacific Northwest regional meeting was capped with chocolate cake courtesy of the Convention Center. Here's Leibsohn SVP Thomas Wallin, NMS's Jim Tebo, and Anton Grube of The Corvallis Clinic at the breakfast.
THA Architects's Scott Mannhard, BOMA Anchorage Executive Director Judith Dwiggins and Cost Segregation Services's Jonathan Frizzell at BOMA International in Seattle.
Making friends here are THA Architects's Scott Mannhard, BOMA Anchorage executive director Judith Dwiggins and Cost Segregation Services's Jonathan Frizzell, whom we're running into everywhere these days. Scott, who's from Portland, tells us he came to expo to get a different perspective on the buildings he designs: ?I'm trying to understand buildings from an owner/operator/investor point of view.?
Opening day wrapped up with a wonderful party at the Museum of Flight Aviation History, where conference-goers dressed up to eat, drink, and dance to The Dusty 45s under dozens of historical aircraft suspended from the ceiling. Air hostesses wearing vintage uniforms greeted people as they came in the door, while a men's a cappella group serended them as they left. (More of that on the jetway, please!) But perhaps most importantly, there was food: Offerings included salmon, fancy pasta, a variety of desserts and an open bar. Based on the menu, things seem to be looking up.