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Condo Proposal At Oakland's Claremont Club & Spa Draws Mixed Reaction


Signature Development Group's proposal to add 45 new condos to Claremont Club & Spa is drawing support and criticism. The developer is meeting with the City of Oakland to get approval to build on the parking area outlined in green above.  

SDG's Michael Ghielmetti says the condos are intended to attract Baby Boomers looking to downsize. There are certain synergies that come with placing residential communities near hotels. The proposal has the personal approval of Oakland Planning Commission head Rachel Flynn, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The project will increase housing density and contribute to relieving the housing crisis, key objectives in Oakland’s development plan.

Yet, the project does have detractors. Oakland Heritage Alliance’s Naomi Schiff said some members of the advocacy group are concerned the expansion will alter the hotel’s character. The group has not made a formal decision on the proposal. [SFC]