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Why The S.F. Peninsula Is Ready To Explode

The area south of the city is red hot right now, with new developments planned that will forever change the landscape of several cities in the area. Join us for Bisnow's debut San Francisco Peninsula Boom Summit, where you'll hear from mayors and developers on all the potential the Peninsula has to offer. Join us at the San Mateo Marriott on Aug. 11 starting at 7:30 am. 

Among our panelists will be Sares Regis Group president of the commercial division Jeff Birdwell, who tells us the Peninsula is strong and there are no signs of things slowing anytime soon. "I don't see anything knocking the apples off the cart right now," he says. Here's Jeff with his daughter Julia after winning the Extreme Cowboy competition at Mounted Patrol in San Mateo. She's hoping to get enough points to compete at World Championships in Texas in October.

Jeff says some pockets on the peninsula are white hot and some are not. The 92 corridor seems to be lagging; there will be new product in that market soon and we should see some major moves happen over the next few months, he says. Sares Regis is marketing the Foster City Center project, and Hines and Wilson Meany have pulled the trigger on new spec product in the area. Redwood City, Mountain View and on down the peninsula have seen frenetic activity, he says. The company also just kicked off the demo of San Bruno Plaza, rendered here. Come hear more from Jeff and the rest of our star-studded cast, including Sobrato president Rob Hollister and the mayors of San Mateo, Redwood City, San Carlos and South San Francisco at Bisnow's San Francisco Peninsula Boom Summit, Aug. 11 at the San Mateo Marriott starting at 7:30 am. Sign up here.