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SF Chart of the Week: Growing Competition Causes Food Delivery Services to Expand


With growing competition, many of San Francisco's food delivery and concierge services are expanding.

Facing competition from Door Dash, Postmates—which delivers from restaurants—is looking for 50k SF of office space in San Francisco. 

Munchery, which delivers ready-made meals from its privately own kitchens, and is fighting with SpoonRocket, is also looking to expand its footprint. The company currently occupies 15.1k SF.

On-demand grocery delivery service Instacart has grown its occupancy by 77% in the last year. Occupying 13k SF in 2014, the company has put its $220M of invested capital to work and now occupies 60k SF.  

But not all are flourishing. Food delivery service Good Eggs has laid off 140 workers and closed all operations except for its San Fran headquarters. JLL says the company's failure is due to both increased competition and an unsustainable business model.