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Flexible Workspaces Increasingly Important To San Franciscans

An example of a flex office/meeting space

Flexible work environments are becoming a key component for San Francisco workers. Capital One’s Workplace Environment Survey found 82% of San Franciscans said they have their best ideas when they are working in flex spaces. They can work an average of five hours per day in the same space before they become less productive and creative. LiquidSpace, Breather, WeWork, Servcorp and other flex office companies have been expanding their locations throughout the Bay Area and beyond to accommodate this work preference.

The survey revealed 80% of San Franciscans feel companies cannot encourage innovation unless they work in an innovative environment. Design and environment are more important to 65% of office professionals than the location of the office. Among the most desired design elements are natural lighting (67%), reconfigurable furniture and spaces (46%) and artwork and creative imagery (43%).

What is lacking in San Francisco offices are health and wellness elements. Nearly three-fourths of San Franciscans surveyed said their companies do not offer a nursing room and 63% said their companies do not offer environmentally friendly programs. On-site benefits included healthy food and beverages (46%), health/wellness centers and programming (35%) and relaxation/social areas (34%). A connection to local culture also is missing, and 64% of workers felt the workplace design did not reflect the locale.