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Meditation For Everyone At’s New Offices


Exhale and center your chakras. Employees at will now have a space on every floor of their offices at 350 Mission (newly rechristened Salesforce East) to meditate and calm their minds. CEO Marc Benioff, a huge yoga buff, got the idea when visiting Buddhist monks and then observed his employees had no refuge from the constant clatter of business, according to SF Gate. The CEO hopes the spaces will allow employees to recharge and make them more innovative.

The folks at Salesforce tell us the building has several features to boost employee productivity. In addition to the mindfulness rooms, Salesforce East has an under-floor distribution system (with improved air flow comes better thinking and productivity); low-VOC paint and GreenGuard-certified furniture for a non-toxic environment; CO2 sensors that provide more oxygen and boost energy; and natural sunlight. [SFG]