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Twitter's future home at 1 Tenth just got named LEED Gold, and we got an exclusive tour with Shorenstein's Jim Collins this week (above, standing on the top 10th floor shell space). He expects Twitter to retain the exposed ceiling look throughout. Also on the floor were super secret mock furniture layouts we couldn't shoot. Windows were just 2x2 feet when Shorenstein bought the property, and after they were replaced with an extended glass curtain wall, the building actually grew by 1,000 SF on each floor.

Jim calls 1 Tenth's leather-lined lobby an "innovative" choice by Doug Shorenstein, who decided it would be an interesting way to panel the walls. Marble dating back to 1937 was repurposed from the neighboring 1355 Market building, sent to a mill and cut into uniform panels.

Here Jim's chilling next to the alleyway's new fire pit, which will soon be the hot spot once the fall hits and the retailers around the private park start opening their doors. (Market on Market seems to be the furthest along, and Dirty Water—which will boast the city's most-extensive bourbon list—and Cadillac will follow.) Fitness SF already opened its sales office; he reveals Shorenstein also chatted with Equinox and 24 Hour Fitness but they all wanted two stories of space (Fitness SF only needed one). The retail is all leased except for a 3,600 SF space.

On the 10th floor we spied on the Twitterati of the world across the way, playing cornhole and dining al fresco. This year Twitter signed a lease at 1 Tenth for floors two and five through 10, with an option to take three and four.

At the time of purchase, 1355 Market had columns clad with a brass faux Egyptian pattern. Those brass panels were repurposed into an art display in the lobby (this is his favorite perspective and place to perch). What's also behind him used to be the entrance to the garage down ramp. It was turned into 1355's second lobby with six high-speed elevators.