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San Francisco's Sinking Millennium Tower Can Survive Major Earthquake: City Report


The Millennium Tower in San Francisco is earthquake-safe according to the latest report from the city. Despite the tower continuing to sink and tilt, a report commissioned by City Administrator Naomi Kelly found the tower can endure a magnitude 8.0 earthquake, San Francisco Chronicle reports.

The city hired engineers Greg Deierlein, Marko Schotanus and Craig Shields, who concluded the sinking and tilting did not compromise building safety. Structural engineer Ronald Hamburger completed a similar study in 2016 with similar results, but residents were skeptical since the developer paid for that study.

Developer Millennium Partners said it has a potential solution that would cost about $100M to $150M, but no timetable has been discussed. The new plan would involve drilling up to 100 new piles into bedrock from the building’s basement.