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Sinking, Tilting Millennium Tower Now Cited For Fire Dangers

Millennium Tower in San Francisco

Not only is the Millennium Tower sinking and tilting, it now has recognized fire hazards. The Department of Building Inspection has issued a notice that the building has fire safety violations, SF Weekly reports. The 58-story condo tower has been facing significant litigation and ongoing issues ever since it was discovered that it was leaning 14 inches and had sunk by 17 inches.

The notice comes a year after the Millennium Homeowners Association hired a consultant to investigate a condo owner’s complaints about odors in her apartment. The consultants discovered gaps in the facade and the core of the structure, according to NBC Bay Area. The consultants' report detailed how this gap could allow a fire to more easily move through the building, but this information was originally blacked out in the copy given to the condo owner in December 2016. Once these details came to light in December, a fire marshal visited the building and later issued the notice.

Millennium Partners will need to come up with a fix or find an expert who will attest to the building’s fire safety. No fine has been assessed with this violation. The developer has until Jan. 19 to respond.