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Oakland Project Above BART Line Faces Engineering Challenge


Plans for a mixed-use development at 2100 Telegraph Ave in Oakland have a big engineering challenge ahead: How to build a project over an active BART line at the right price.

As we reported in November, the project brings together two JVs in a development team that includes Strategic Urban Development Alliance, Hensel Phelps, Lane Partners and Walton Street Capital. The proposal is to replace the parking deck that sits there now with office, housing and retail space.

The developers say the engineering challenge can be addressed, but worry that it could increase the project's cost. That could make it harder to meet affordable housing demands, according to The Registry. The project would be the largest in Oakland's downtown.

One of the perks of the location, proximity to the 19th Street BART station, is also the challenge, since the tube runs beneath a majority of the property. [TR]