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Software Could Improve Hotel Experience

Hotel Zephyr is deploying ALICE, a software platform that connects all the service departments to provide a better experience for guests.

ALICE STAFF is the specific product rolling out at the San Francisco hotel. The goal is to connect the front desk, housekeeping, maintenance and other departments to ensure guests are getting the requested service at the right time. Key features include convenient ticket management, completion time monitoring and allowing staff to communicate on the move with a mobile app.

“Our ALICE STAFF product connects all points inside the hotel in real time—helping Hotel Zephyr realize significant cost efficiencies and make life better for hotel staff as well as guests,” says ALICE co-founder Alex Shashou.

Hotel Zephyr director of sales and marketing Jill Plemons is enthusiastic about the partnership. "This new collaboration affords our team the opportunity to connect with guests on a deeper level and take extra care in ensuring they always receive the highest standard of personalized service," she says.

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