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S.F. Employment Drops In December, East Bay On The Rise


San Francisco's employment numbers dropped once again in December, even as the East Bay saw gains.

The drop in those with jobs in San Francisco from November to December was only by 100 people, but it marked the first December since 2009 that the city didn't have a gain in jobs during the holiday month, based on data from the state Employment Development Department. The average December increase during the past six years has been about 2,920 jobs, according to SocketSite.

The unemployment rate remained at 3.3% (since the labor force and those looking for jobs also dropped slightly), which is the second-lowest unemployment rate for the month since 2000. Low unemployment remains a positive indicator for San Francisco, as our speakers noted at the State of the Market event last week.

Meanwhile, East Bay employment rose by 1,000 in December (80% of that was due to job growth in Alameda County, which includes Oakland). The county's unemployment rate stands at 4.3%. [SS]